An ice cream stand at Capasso farm? Doesn’t look likely.

Above: The Country Gourmet, which closed in 2009, was the last business to operate at the Capasso property

Every time I drive by the old Capasso farm, I wonder what will become of the place. Today the Metrowest Daily News gives us an update on what’s been happening with the property in the past few months. The Capasso family is actively trying to lease it, but to no avail.

Town records show that Steve and Linda Bock thought about leasing the store last August. The Bocks, who ran Beezes Restaurant and Ice Cream Stand on Rte. 20 in Northborough for 12 years, wanted to make additions to the store, including baked goods, meats, seafood and ice cream.

But Building Inspector David Gusmini ruled that the Bocks’ proposal differed from the original scope of the farm stand and, therefore, would require a special permit from the Zoning Board of Appeals.

Building Department Administrative Assistant Jeanne Survell said yesterday that the Bocks never applied for a special permit with the Zoning Board.

Getting a special permit can be a long and expensive process, which may explain why the Bocks never applied for one.

The article also says that if the Capassos don’t find a tenant by next October, they’ll lose their pre-existing non-conformity designation, meaning any business that wants to set up shop there — even a farm stand — will have to seek a special permit.

Pop on over and read the MWDN article for more.

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Karen Muggeridge
12 years ago

What a shame. Beezer’s (spelling wrong in the MWDN article), was a long standing fixture in Northborough and was a great loss when it closed. The Bock’s are wonderful people and great supporters of the community as I am sure they would be here in Southborough. So sorry to see Southborough not welcome them with open arms. What an asset to the town Beezers Southborough could be!

I have been craving one of those Chicago dogs ever since they closed and now I will start all over again. Humpff….

Michelle L
12 years ago

What a shame is right. I agree a Beezer’s would have been great in that location and for our community. I only hope this location gets leased soon, I would love a change in scenery when driving by and would hate to see the Capassos loose the existing permits for this land/farm for another business of any kind. Then What?
It seems Southborough is getting good at wrapping any new/potential businesses in red tape who try to open up shop or improve on the already dismal looking and unoccupied buildings in this town.

12 years ago

You don’t like our town park at the corner of Newton and Main?

12 years ago

This town is unfriendly to business. I feel bad for the owner of the Capasso Farms building, and the Pizza 19 guy (who probably invested his life savings to open that restaurant). This town needs more restaurants.

12 years ago

Pathetic, someone needs to throw these bureaucrats out on their ear.

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