With deadline approaching, candidate field shaping up; still only one contested race

The deadline to pull nomination papers for town elections in May is fast approaching — it’s Friday — and the candidate field is starting to take shape. The good news is there looks to be at least one candidate for each spot that’s open. The not-so-good news (depending on your perspective) is that there is still only one contested race.

Two residents — Jeffrey Rosenberg and Daniel Kolenda — pulled papers for a single seat on the Board of Selectmen. Kolenda filed his papers earlier this month and will definitely be on the ballot. Rosenberg has yet to file, but told the Metrowest Daily News in February that he plans to run. Former Selectman Bonnie Phaneuf also pulled papers, but announced last month that she would not run.

Assuming all others who have pulled papers decide to file and are certified, all seats would be filled, but none of the other races would be contested.

Here’s a summary of the current state of the candidate field. Italics means the candidate has pulled nomination papers, but has not yet filed. The filing deadline is Monday.

  • Town Clerk (1 position): Paul Berry
  • Board of Selectmen (1 position): Daniel Kolenda, Jeffrey Rosenberg, Bonnie Phaneuf
  • Moderator (1 position): David Combs
  • Assabet School Committee (1 position): James Denman
  • Board of Commissioners of Trust Funds (1 position): Bill Boland
  • Board of Assessors (1 position): Thomas Beaumont
  • Board of Health (1 position): Nancy Sacco
  • Board of Library Trustees (2 positions): Judith Budz, Nancy Mayo
  • K-8 School Committee (2 positions): Kathleen Harragan, Paul Desmond
  • Regional School Committee (2 positions): Paul Butka, David Rueger
  • Planning Board (1 position): Kathleen Bartolini
  • Southborough Housing Authority (1 position): Marianna Surette

If you’re interested in running for one of these positions, there’s still time. The deadline for pulling nomination papers is Friday (note that the Town House closes at noon on Friday). You can get them at the Town Clerk’s office. Spend the weekend collecting the signatures of 44 registered voters, return them to the Town Clerk by the filing deadline on Monday, and away you go!

Town elections are on May 9.

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