Good question: Is there money in the budget to fix our roads?

Above: Sears Road was repaved last fall

In this week’s open thread, commenter Papa Rosa pondered what effect the current budget crunch will have on much-needed road repairs. In particular, he asked what roads are slated to be repaved this year. I talked with DPW Superintendent Karen Galligan to find out.

Galligan agreed this winter has been rough on town roads, but said there’s enough money in her budget to do the patching and paving that needs to be done. “We’re looking okay,” she said.

Galligan said the DPW plans to repave the following roads this spring:

  • Southville Road (local piece)
  • Woodland Road (Richards to Route 85)
  • Maple Street
  • Central Street
  • Learned Street
  • Grove Street
  • Parkerville Road (Route 9 to Wildwood)

Oak Hill Road and Northboro Road were originally on the list, but Galligan said ongoing projects on those roads will likely delay the repaving work. She said Latisquama and White Bagley Roads are ones that might get done instead.

Last fall the town repaved Waveney Road, Deerfoot Extension, and Sears Road.

In past years the town has set aside $300K annually for road maintenance. Last night selectmen approved a budget that reduced that amount to $250K for fiscal year 2012. At town meeting last year, voters approved only $150K for road maintenance.

Galligan said some of the reductions may be offset by an anticipated increase in public works funding from the state. Last year the town received $330K in so-called Chapter 90 funds, but Galligan said she expects to get closer to $400K this year.

There were other interesting road-related questions in this week’s open thread. Click here to see what other commenters asked, and what Galligan had to say in response.

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John Kendall
13 years ago

I know that Cottage Street isn’t as busy as it used to be, but the road surface is breaking down severely. I wonder when this will be repaved?

13 years ago

Just wondering- which part of Southville Road is the local part?

John Kendall
13 years ago
Reply to  Bill

I believe the local section is from Woodbury Road to the Westborough town line.

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