Southborough Eagle Scout candidate organizes food and letter drive for the troops

Read on to find out what one local scout is doing to raise the morale of troops stationed oversees, and how you can help.

Rick Scott, a Southborough Troop 1 Scout working towards earning the prestigious Eagle Scout rank, is striving to build relationships between US servicemen and women in Afghanistan and the Southborough community through a food and letter drive. Many men and women who serve our country were once local Scouts. In fact, Rick, a student at Worcester Academy, aspires to join the service after college.

Rick’s Eagle Scout project is also inspired by the many troop drives he participated in over his journey as a scout. Rick states: “As a Scout, you realize how important communication is to the group’s success. Building the relationships is really the driving force in my project. I want these individuals to see how much our community appreciates the work they do. This support will help sustain them in their difficult environment.”

Here are the details:

Rick identified units serving in Afghanistan to whom he will send care packages filled with non-perishables, entertainment items and, perhaps most importantly, letters for all members of the unit.

The US forces food drive kicked off during the annual Troop 1 Pancake breakfast and continues to accept donations through collection boxes at the Trottier and Neary schools, as well as in most of the churches in Southborough. Additionally, donations can be dropped off during the Boy Scout meetings, every Wednesday night between 7:00-8:30 at Southborough’s Pilgrim Church.

Rick asks members of our community to “please write a letter to one of our soldiers, thanking them for their service. Also, remember to bring a non-perishable, hygiene or entertainment item to send with it. I appreciate your help and so will the soldiers who receive our packages this spring.”

(Photo: Ricky Scott, contributed)

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Andrew Zaterka
12 years ago

Good for you Ricky! Best wishes.

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