Trottier student brought a knife to school yesterday

A Trottier eight-grader brought a knife to school yesterday, but Trottier Principal Keith Lavoie told parents no students were ever in danger.

“We immediately investigated and found the knife and the students responsible within a half hour,” Lavoie wrote in a notice sent home to parents. “We can assure you there was no immediate threat of danger.”

“Eight graders don’t always make the best decisions,” Superintendent Charles Gobron said today of the incident. “There were no poor intentions, but sometimes kids don’t realize how dangerous things are.”

Gobron said he did not believe the incident was related to bullying or other conflict between students.

Gobron said the good news was the incident was reported by another student. “We’ve been working on teaching kids to tell adults when something is wrong.”

In his letter to parents, Lavoie said the police were contacted and the students involved received “appropriate consequences.”


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