Pizza 19 owner: Southborough neighborhood support growing (MWDN)

From today’s Metrowest Daily News:

The Zoning Board of Appeals postponed a scheduled hearing last night on zoning issues surrounding Pizza 19, the newest pizza shop on Rte. 85, but owner Pedro Franco said he thinks he’s already making strides in the court of public opinion.

Franco, a Colombian native and the 19th of 24 siblings, opened Pizza 19 at 150 Framingham Road in early February despite the protests of neighbors, who claim it violates several zoning rules.

You can read more here.

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13 years ago

I live pretty close to Pizza 19 and have no complaints about it. We’ve gone in a few times since their opening and always find it very clean and they are always friendly and quick. I see no reason for the whole issue.

13 years ago

I have been there a few times. They have very good pizza, a little more “italian” than other pizza shops in town which I’m happy about. They also have good subs. They are very friendly and I hope they can make it through this tough spot.

13 years ago

Everyone has Pizza 19 has been gracious and kind to us when we’ve ordered. And the pizza delivery comes very quickly! My only complaint: The Buffalo fingers aren’t really Buffalo fingers. I would love to see real Buffalo fingers on the menu. Being from WNY, this is crucial in a pizza place for me! The best, the original, the perfect way to make wings or fingers?

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