Senator Scott Brown visits Assabet

Above: Senator Brown talks with Electrical Wiring instructor, Tom Martinelli (contributed photo)

Senator Scott Brown toured Assabet last Friday. It’s a visit that almost didn’t happen (again) because of snow. Read more in this press release:

It was a battle against Mother Nature, but this time the staff and students at Assabet Valley Regional Technical High came out victorious…Senator Scott Brown was able to come for a long awaited tour of the school.

A prior visit was canceled by the school in January, due to a snow day. “We were all so excited that he rescheduled so quickly, and then, when we heard the forecast, we couldn’t believe we might have to cancel twice! But we were fortunate and the dire predictions of 6 to 10 inches didn’t materialize, so we were good to go,” commented Mary Jo Nawrocki, Superintendent/Director of the school.

“We are just very happy that we were able to show him where the money goes from things like the Carl Perkins federal grant, and what we have planned for future growth in our technical programs. Until you’ve walked through a building like ours, it’s hard to imagine how focused our students are, how engaged they are in their education. They truly are getting the best of both worlds ~ academic and technical~ so they can go out and become productive members of the Commonwealth. Senator Brown stopped and talked with many students and staff members throughout the tour, and I think he enjoyed it. I know we all did!”

Assabet also passed along some photos of the event. Click an image to enlarge.

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