Woodward receives award for its reading program

Above: Woodward Reading Specialist Katie Nordman works with student Lola Mahoney (contributed photo)

Woodward school was recently chosen for a prestigious award in recognition of its reading program. Woodward was the only school from Massachusetts to receive the International Reading Association Exemplary Reading Program Award. The award will be presented at a conference in Sturbridge today.

Read more about the honor in this press release:

Albert S. Woodward Memorial School in Southborough, MA, has been awarded the 2010-2011 International Reading Association Exemplary Reading Program Award.

The Exemplary Reading Program Award recognizes outstanding reading and language arts programs within schools throughout North America. The Albert S. Woodward Memorial School has been on a five-year journey to improve reading instruction and student performance. The journey began with a group of professionals who joined together to form the Woodward School Literacy Committee. The members include: James Randell, Principal; Grade 2 Teachers: Allison Garand, Jean Terry, and Lori Winer; Grade 3 Teachers: Alyssa Foy, Lisa Goulet, Jill Henebury, and Nicole Kelleher; Reading Specialists: Katie Nordman and Mary Ellen Shields; Special Education Teacher: Gwen Robison.

“The hard work and dedication of our entire staff has led to the development of an exemplary reading program that we are very proud of,” states Jim Randell, Principal. “Our students are the greatest recipients of this recognition. We graciously accept this outstanding award on behalf of our entire school community.”

Yvonne Gunzberger, Chairperson of the Exemplary Reading Program Award, wrote, “Your school is outstanding in so many ways – the collegiality and warmth between teachers is wonderful, the programs you have running were terrific, such as the on going assessments, the variety of methods to reach kids, and the differentiating happening in each room.”

Woodward reading specialist, Katie Nordman adds, “Based on literacy research, our reading program is constantly evolving to address all students’ needs. This award is an acknowledgement of our collaboration and dedication to our students. I’m proud to part of a school that loves to teach children to read.”

Deb Keefe, school committee member and parent said, “Woodward School is such a special school in every aspect. It is so nice to see them receive this well deserved recognition.”

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carrie alpert
13 years ago

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gosh i just love Woodward xoxoxo so psyched i have one more year there! kinda makes me want to have one more just so I can go through that school again (HA!)
if anyone needs proof of a school that just works on all levels spend a day at Woodward :)

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