Good question: Where do you watch the marathon?

Above: Runners in last year’s marathon (photo by Chris Wraight)

My Southborough reader Wendy sent in this good question:

I know this may be late to ask but was wondering if you or any of the readers in town would have any recommendations as to where to watch (and park) the upcoming Boston Marathon near us…. thanks!

I usually watch the marathon from my couch, so I thought I’d put the question to you all. Where are your favorite spots for marathon watching? Share in the comments.

While you’re watching the race tomorrow, be on the lookout for Southborough runners. With 22 runners registered last year, Southborough had one of the highest per capita rates of marathon runners in the entire state.

Two of the Southborough runners this year will be Amanda Watters and Dick Chase who were both profiled by the Metrowest Daily News in recent weeks. Watters will be running to raise money for Children’s Hospital. Chase, a survivor of liver disease, is running for the American Liver Foundation. Best of luck to them both, and to all Southborough runners!

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Dick Chase
13 years ago

Thanks! My family watches from the corner of St. Paul and Beacon streets in Brookline because we have cousins who live near there. They’re driving in this year, but in years past we’ve taken the commuter rail in from Southborough to Back Bay station, walked over to the Arlington St. T station and taken the D line all the way out to Woodland, which is right near the start of the Heartbreak Hills, or to Reservoir, which is right after Heartbreak Hill. Those are both places where we need all the encouragement we can get! You can also drive to and park at the Riverside station (near the intersection of 128 and the Pike), which is the end of the D line and take the T in from there.

Papa Rosa
13 years ago

As long as you arrive early enough (by 8:30 or so), you can take Cross St (in Hopkinton) to 135, zip across 135, and park in the First Congregational Church parking lot. It’s a great spot. In past years, the good folks at the church even let spectators use the restrooms!

Eileen Samberg
13 years ago

We have been watching close to beginning, in Ashland. We drive the back way and park on Frankland Road where it intersects with 135, across from one of the entrances to Ashland State Park.

Mark Fallon
13 years ago

A great spot is near the intersection of Kingsbury and Washington Streets in Wellseley. Easy access to/from Route 9, and you can park at the Wellesley Middle School. Also, this is around Mile 14. So, if you’ve signed up for text alerts for a runner, you’ll get a “heads-up” when the cross the timing mats at the 13.1 mile marker.

Looks to be a great day for the runners tomorrow!

13 years ago

My mother-in-law lives in Hopkinton within walking distance to the starting line.
It’s been a family tradition to cheer at the starting line.
For a few years I volunteered as a corral guard, and got to cheer the runners on from within the corrals. That was pretty cool too.

Dick Snyder
13 years ago

We have watched for at least 30 years at the corner of Main St. and Rt 135 Union St. This year we are bringing our grandsons.

Dick Snyder
13 years ago

Oops. I should have said Main St. and Rt 135 in Ashland.

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