Reminder: Candidates Night at the library TONIGHT

The two candidates for selectmen — Daniel Kolenda and Jeffrey Rosenberg — will be at the Southborough Library tonight to answer questions from voters and share their viewpoints on town issues at the library’s annual Candidates Night. Contenders for other town positions are also expected to attend.

Candidates Night starts at 7:00 pm in the Judy Williams Reading Room (upstairs) at the Library. Refreshments will be served.

Town elections will be held on May 9. For a complete list of who’s running, see this post.

Update: The Community Advocate did a Q & A with the two candidates for selectmen if you want to read up before tonight’s forum.

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Southside Gadsden Flyer
13 years ago

Thanks for the reminder about tonight, and the link to the Community Advocate’s Q&A. I like to be an informed voter, and am because of your website:-)

13 years ago

I attended this event tonight at the Library and was glad to hear both candidates speak…..I now feel I can make an informed decision when I cast my vote on May 9th. I was a bit disappointed that there were not more voters there, most of those in attendance seemed to be our senior citizens…..where are the baby boomers such as myself?

As a small businessperson, I am also looking forward to the Business Roundtable being hosted at the Library on May 5th at 7 p.m.

Thank you to the Library for hosting both of these events.

I'm just sayin'....
13 years ago

My husband and I (baby boomers) had every intention of attending Candidates Night last night…and, of course, the best laid plans…he had to stay late at work and catch a late train home. I was unable to attend due to illness. It was very disappointing, as we also like to be informed voters. Luckily, we read the Q and A in the Community Advocate and that helps. There is also a website for Kolenda. I have not been able to locate a website for Rosenberg. I would also like to thank the Library for hosting this event.

I think that low attendance at many things, Town Meeting included, is because of the way life is now. Either people have a long commute and can’t get to meetings by 7pm during the week or their children have sports practice or games at night. I do remember spring and fall soccer season…not a night free, it seemed! Then there is track, music lessons, recitals and concerts and a myriad of other pulls on our time during the week. Hence why there are more seniors able to attend many of these events-they don’t have the same commitments. Perhaps we are going to have to have more meetings taking place on Saturdays. I realize that people do not like to give up their Saturdays to sit through meetings indoors, especially in the spring when so many things need to be done on the weekends, but the reality is that meetings at night during the week are impossible for many to be able to attend. Of course, there is also the sport issue on Saturdays, but at least for town meeting perhaps there could be a moratorium on games or practice that one day. Then we could get our business done in one fell swoop. When we lived in NH 20 years ago, we had Town Meeting on a Saturday early in the spring and it worked very well. It was a kind of rite of passage to transition from winter to spring and was as much a social thing as a necessary government event.

Sorry, didn’t mean to ramble, just some thoughts that occurred when Sharon mentioned not many baby boomers showed up last night. It is indeed a sad commentary on the times, but I really don’t see it changing anytime soon so we need to examine some alternatives to be able to adapt to the times…

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