More bear sightings in Southborough

After a few days of laying low, our resident black bear has made another appearance tonight, this time on the south side of town.

Helen Meleones said she spotted the bear around 5:30 pm today in the backyard of her Oak Hill Road home. “I thought it was a dog,” Meleones said. The bear crossed through her yard and meandered into a neighbor’s in search of bird feeders.

“My daughter saw it go up on its hind legs and go after one of the bird feeders,” Meleones said.

Southborough Police Sgt. Heath Widdis said the bear headed down Walnut Drive and then to Woodland Road. Widdis said while the juvenile bear, estimated to be between 200 and 250 pounds, isn’t anything to worry about, residents should keep their distance. “Just stay away from it,” he said.

Meleones has lived in town for more than 50 years and said she’s never seen — or even heard of — a bear in town. Far from being frightened, Meleones was excited by her unusual sighting. “I thought he was adorable,” she said.

On Saturday the bear was spotted roaming through downtown Southborough, from School Street to the parking lot of the police and fire stations, and then onward as far west as Wyndemere Drive.

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12 years ago

I just heard the bear has been seen on rockpoint road…

12 years ago

The bear was at our birdfeeder on Rockpoint Road.

Darlene Scorzelli
12 years ago

A few years ago, I swore I saw bear prints in the snow in our backyard on Rockpoint Road! I wish I saw the bear yesterday!

The Cutts Family
12 years ago

We actually had a bear siting at our home in Southborough about 3 years ago. You may recall the local tv news showing the bear as it then traveled on through Westborough and eventually was taken down on a Worcester highway. The Mass Wildlife police came to our home and confirmed the bear tracks after we described seeing it. He told us that teenaged bears will venture away from home this time of year to find new places to live. We always keep our trash bins in the closed garage and remove bird feeders in early April.

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