New Planning Board member appointed

Andrew Mills has been appointed to the Planning Board following a joint vote by the Board of Selectmen and Planning Board on Monday night. Mills replaces Planning Board member Mary Hynes who retired last month. He will serve until next spring when he will have to run for election to the board.

A 15-year Southborough resident, Mills has served as chairman of the Community Preservation Committee for the past four years. He ran for a seat on the Planning Board in 2010, but was defeated.

In his 2010 campaign statement, Mills said he was a proponent of new development, assuming it was done carefully. “Southborough can retain the characteristics of the town we all love and admire while encouraging commercial development to meet the needs of businesses,” he wrote. “I am in favor of commercial development that is conscious of our community and seeks to blend in, not dramatically change our town.”

(Image: Andrew Mills, contributed photo)

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