Your favorite places: To buy summer corn

This is the first in an ongoing series in which readers are invited to share their favorite spots in and around Southborough.

We had our first corn-on-the-cob of the summer this past weekend. Sweet, crisp, and drenched with butter (what else?). It’s one of my favorite summertime rituals.

Some of you in the comments this week have lamented Southborough’s lack of a farm stand. While I share that view, fortunately there are plenty of spots in surrounding towns to purchase some delicious corn. From farmers markets to farm stands, where are your go-to spots for finding the perfect ear?

Share your picks in the comments below. (And while we’re at it, what’s your favorite way to prepare your summertime corn? Steamed? Grilled? On the cob or off? Fancy or plain?)

(Photo posted to Flickr by Pink Poppy Photography)

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12 years ago

In the microwave – in the husk – 3 or 4 minutes.

12 years ago

Berberian Farms in Northborough. Great selection of their own grown veggies. Just had their corn last night – Yum!

Pat Q
12 years ago

Same here……….Berberian Farms in Northborough. Have always had delicious
corn from there.

Step 1: boil/steam for 8 minutes

Step 2: load up with butter and salt

Step 3: keep napkins and toothpicks close by!

12 years ago

I have been frequenting the Westborough Farmer’s Market (West Main St., Westborough – every Thursday 1 – 6 pm) and will buy corn there when it’s available.

My two favorite ways of preparing corn on the cob are:

Microwave: Shuck the corn, place ears of corn on a ceramic (microwave-safe) plate and cover with a piece of wax paper. Microwave for 1 – 2 minutes per ear of corn (4 ears of corn – 4 to 8 minutes – depends on the freshness of the corn and the strength of the microwave). Slather with butter, salt and pepper (sometimes I make a cilantro-lime butter that’s very good, too).

Grilled: Shuck the corn and place in a clean plastic zip-top bag. Make a marinade with chopped fresh rosemary, black pepper, salt, olive oil and White Balsamic vinegar. Let the corn marinate for 30 minutes – 2 hours. Grill ears until lightly charred and tender.

Mark Ford
12 years ago

Yum on grilled, marinated corn!

Our family likes going to Nourse Farm in Westborough–

amazing history, great owner, fine corn… (and heirloom tomatoes!)

12 years ago

Stop and Shop. Oh boy, it’s about a week old and tastes like cardbord but for $1.99 a dozen, why not!

12 years ago

I forgot about how much my family LOVED the marinated grilled corn.
I blogged about it last year, in case you want “the rest of the story.”

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