MWDN: Builder drops Stonebrook Village 40B plans in Southborough

Southborough developer William Depietri had plans to build a 15-unit 40B affordable housing development on Oregon Road, but Depietri told the Zoning Board of Appeals last week his plans have changed. Instead of the 40B, Depietri said he now wants to build a 15-condo over-55 development on the 6.5 acre parcel.

The Metrowest Daily News reports neighbors weren’t happy when the ZBA approved the 40B project last October, and they’re not happy about the proposed change in plans.

“I’m not in favor of this project,” said Lisa Braccio of 13 Oregon Road, who has been opposed to the project since 2008 because of the amount of units.

“(This) doesn’t change density of the units,” she said.

Neighbor Joe Black agreed. “All the neighbors are adamantly against this,” he said. “We didn’t even want (the 40B), but we had it jammed down our throats.”

Braccio said the only reason the 40B was approved was because the laws surrounding affordable housing allow developers to get around many local zoning bylaws. By dropping the 40B component, the project loses those entitlements, and Braccio urged the board to not simply approve the project because it’s nearly identical to the 40B in terms of layout.

You can read more in this article by the Metrowest Daily News.

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