Choppers over Southborough part of military training drill?

Did you hear the helicopters buzzing loud and low over Southborough on Monday night? Turns out it might have been part of a special forces training exercise. reports the military has been conducting training exercising involving helicopters in and around Boston.

The training is for the U.S. Special Operations Command, based in MacDill, Fla., which includes units such as the Army’s Green Berets and the Navy SEALs. The training began July 25 and will end Friday and is meant to challenge military personnel by exposing them to an area they are unfamiliar with – such as a city.

WHDH-TV has some video of the choppers flying over Boston.

My Southborough reader Deb said she heard “three low flyovers of loud aircraft” in Southborough between 10:00 and 11:20 on Monday night. I heard the same thing over my house.

Did you hear them? What did you think?

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Jerry C
12 years ago

We heard them allright. There were several in the group and it seemed unlikely that they were med flights (there would only be one helicopter). Now that I know they were Special Ops, I’m really surprised how loud they were (it sounded like they were going to land in the back yard). I don’t think they’re going to sneak up and surprise anyone. We could see the red tail lights and guess they were flying at about 500 ft.

12 years ago

I heard and saw them too. It was very dark, they were flying very close to each other and all I saw were the dull red lights. They were so low that our house shook.

I am very grateful that we have such dedicated and talented people to serve in our armed forces. I think many of us take for granted the daily risks these Special Ops soldiers take just to practice, let alone fight.

12 years ago

Interesting timing on this blog comment on the special forces helicopters practicing locally. 31 members of the special forces died last night when their helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan.

A terrible loss for their families.

12 years ago

Our son Nicholas is presently stationed in Florida—in the special Forces and is scheduled to go to Afganistan in September—he has already served in Korea, Germany and Iraq as a Black Hawk Pilot with Medivac, with other choppers under his command…we were so grateful when he returned to the States–even if it was for a major leg surgery. Now were praying overtime…it’s become hard to talk about. Wouldn’t it be an amazing world if we could all really “see” each other as people…and could get along, share with each other, care about one another…

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