Southborough wildlife: Too close for comfort

Most of us have seen fox around Southborough, including in our back yards. But one My Southborough reader in the Pine Hill Road area found this guy getting a little too comfortable on her back deck.

The reader writes:

This fox has been hanging around our yard on and off all summer. We had called animal control back in June to see what we should do, but the short answer is unless it is rabid, just leave it alone. The officer I spoke to did tell me that all the ‘wild’ animals around here are becoming more domesticated and get closer and closer to people. She had heard some stories from residents of fox and other animals going right up on the deck to watch a family eat dinner. Until today, this one had kept itself to the lawn, and usually away from the house. But here it is this morning taking a nap — on my deck — in the sun. Yikes. That is a little too close for comfort for me!

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12 years ago

Get a big dog (lab or golden) and it will go away.

Mom of two
12 years ago

We have a groundhog that is getting bolder and bolder by the year. It has lived under our shed for three years at least. Now it’s discovered my garden near the house and THAT is too close for comfort for me!

12 years ago

Get a 9mm semiautomatic pistol and he will go away as well.

12 years ago

I would be thrilled to see a red fox take up residence in my garden. They eat squirrels, chipmunks, voles, mice and rabbits among other things that are a nuisance in the garden.

Neil Rossen
12 years ago

I agree with “Resident” . We also have a fox hanging around our house. I wish we had more to take care of the pests.

12 years ago

I looked at the picture before I read the text and thought it was a cat with big ears curled up! It is a great photo. I wish the foxes in my ‘hood would reduce the pest population!

12 years ago

Pests!? We have destroyed the habit of our wonderful wildlife and when they try to adapt you still call them pests and want to shoot them. It’s a sad commentary on how this way of thinking is still pervasive.

Dave C
12 years ago

I saw a fox just like this one trotting through my yard. I agree with Resident. I’d even go as far as building it a little den for the winter, so it would stick around and take care of my chipmunk problem! The previous owner told me a fox was raising her young under my shed, now I have a ground hog living under there…

John Kendall
12 years ago

Lions and tigers and bears…oh my! Since man was created, he has been trodding on the lands that animals use for subsistence. If you are afraid or if they are bothersome, use fencing. Otherwise, don’t feed them and leave them be! If they act strangely or are aggressive, call the ACO or police.

Carol Willoughby
12 years ago
Reply to  John Kendall

Couldn’t agree more, John. Why people get so out of control when a wild animal shows up in their yard, is beyond me. Enjoy them.

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