Primate center cited by USDA after monkey dies

The New England Primate Research Center in Southborough was issued five citations by the USDA during an inspection in July. Included in the inspection was the finding that a monkey died after anesthesia was improperly administered during a procedure in February.

Reports the Boston Globe:

The primate death occurred during an operation in February, when an anesthetist increased the dose of anesthesia to a nonhuman primate because of a change in its condition. The anesthetist later failed to reduce the dose. That caused an overdose and led to acute kidney failure, according to the inspection report.

The citations come a year after the research center was issued a warning by the USDA for violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act after the body of a monkey was found in a cage that had been passed through a cage-washing machine.

Harvard said in a statement yesterday that it has taken steps to correct the problems, including more training for its staff on the use of anesthetics and increased oversight of research.

The primate center operated by Harvard Medical School is located off Parmenter Road in Southborough.

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