National Grid: Most in Southborough will have power by Friday (UPDATED)

The National Grid outage map as of 5:00 pm on Tuesday

The 245 families in Southborough still without power will have to wait a few more days. According to a timeline released by National Grid this afternoon, the remaining restoration in Southborough will begin on Wednesday and will be mostly complete by Friday. But some in Southborough will have to wait as long as Sunday.

According to the National Grid outage map, portions of Gilmore, Woodland, and Oregon roads are still without power.

You can see the complete National Grid timeline for Massachusetts here (PDF).

Update 6:20 pm: Several readers reported power is back on Gilmore Road, despite the September 2 estimate. Good news!

Via a press release this afternoon, Town Administrator Jean Kitchen asked for patience from Southborough residents still without power. “Power is being restored to more homes every hour. Although it may not be any consolation to those in Southborough who still do not have power, there are some communities in the State where the majority of their town is still without power,” she wrote.

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AD Miller
10 years ago

Oregon road is back on!!!

10 years ago

High Ridge had power unit 06.40 this morning. National Grid site claims outage affects 122 households and won’t be sorted until 4 September.

3rd Generation
10 years ago

Parkerville Rd, Southside- back in the dark as of 6:40am!

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