Southborough and area crime news

Here are a couple of stories you might have missed in the papers recently. One involves a Southborough resident, the other is about an employee at Westboro Tennis & Swim, a club many Southborough residents belong to. Follow the links for more information.

Southborough man charged with beating girlfriend (Metrowest Daily News)
A Southborough man arrested Thursday night violently beat his girlfriend in her apartment and followed her as she fled outside, police said, where he smashed her car window in an attempt to continue the beating. Police said after receiving a 911 call they found the woman screaming for help at about 9 p.m. in the 49 Boston Road parking lot of the Southborough Housing Authority’s Colonial Gardens. (read more)

Northborough man charged with downloading child porn (Metrowest Daily News)
A Northborough tennis instructor charged with distributing child pornography was downloading the illegal photos when police raided his home Thursday night, authorities said. When police searched Joshua E. Lundberg’s 19 Cold Harbor Drive home, they found not only the pornography, but children’s clothes and a “life-like” baby doll, Assistant District Attorney Tracy Kennedy told Westborough District Court Judge Robert Gardner Jr. yesterday. (read more)

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11 years ago

So, why is this guy living in the elderly housing complex? I bet they feel real comfortable with that.

C. Nicholas Ellis
11 years ago
Reply to  Helen

I have a better question: why was he released (twice – $500 each time) on only $1,000 bail? I thought Westborough judges had better (pardon) judgment than that. Frankly, I don’t know what good an emergency restraining order is going to do considering they live in the same building. Not that I pity him for being temporarily homeless, but do we really want someone prone to violence out and about? He should be locked in a cage, and I consider that too good for him. Sorry, but I just don’t take kindly to people who beat on women. Makes my blood boil. Severely. Hope the woman turns out OK.

Also, I don’t believe Colonial Gardens is a 65-and-older community. I believe it is subsidized housing.

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