MWDN: Southborough selectmen ask whether clerical staff could be shared

Selectmen were back at the task of reviewing annual budgets last night, and the question of how to make the most efficient use of Town House clerical staff apparently took center stage.

Reports the Metrowest Daily News:

“If there is capacity inside the Town House, and that capacity is not being utilized, I think it should immediately be utilized,” said Selectmen Vice Chairman John Rooney. “If there are people that have available time, they should be working.”

Selectmen Chairman Bill Boland said after the meeting that the board isn’t sure whether some employees have a less-than-acceptable workload but would like to find out. The town has lost some positions to attrition the last few years and has not replaced them, he said, which could require some restructuring.

You can read more in this article by the Metrowest Daily News.

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town person
12 years ago

Most of the time when I enter the town house most people are not busy. They may appear busy but has anyone looked at the computer time and what they are doing on the web. My and most private sector employers do and it is fair game because you are being paid. I think they may get more busy at certain times of the year. I propose hiring temporary workers during those heavier workload times. Good job BOS for looking at this.

12 years ago

I think this is a great idea! I hope they look at ALL departments. [redacted] Personal phone calls should also be looked at on our dime. Clearly some conversations I have heard are not business calls. In addition, why do we have an automated phone system AND a receptionist? Seems a good place to start saving some money as having both is a bit redundant. Enough of the cushy, protected jobs. If we can share personnel then do it and if it means losing some people, welcome to the world that the rest of us face everyday!

resident too
11 years ago

I have been in other town halls such as Sterling, Boylston, Clinton. We seem to have more staff in Town Hall than any other town our size, or in fact, than some larger towns.

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