New recreation programs announced for the spring and summer

Above: Swimming lessons are just one of the new programs offered by the Recreation Department

I learned to swim at McCarthy Pool on Route 9, so the announcement by the Recreation Department that swim lessons will once again be offered there brought back a flood of memories. In addition to the new swim lessons, the Rec Department has also added Zumba classes and a Super Sports Camp to its spring/summer lineup.

You can check out all the details in the Spring/Summer 2012 brochure online. Hard copies of the brochure are available at the Southborough Public Library, Town House, and at each of the Southborough schools.

The Recreation Department is also accepting registrations for its annual summer camp programs. Check the brochure for all the details.

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Elizabeth Hallion Baldelli
11 years ago

I too took swimming lessons at McCarthy…we were picked up by a bus which was even better. This is a great resource for the town, happy to hear that McCarthy’s is allowing this again.

Diane Romm
11 years ago

I am wondering whether the Town of Southborough has ever considered building a community pool. I know that Sudbury has the Atkinson Pool with an adjoining Teen Center and Senior Center.
We are the parents of 2 young boys and we have gone to various facilities to swim — the YMCA in Framingham, The Thoreau Club in Concord; the YMCA in Westborough, the Sheraton in Framingham, etc. We have also checked out the Shrewsbury Club and the Westborough Club!
If the Town ever decides to close one of its schools, due to dropping enrollment, perhaps we should consider converting one of them into a facility for a pool and perhaps a teen center.

11 years ago

I find you pretty much have to go to other Towns for anything, a pool, food/clothes shopping, a reasonably priced meal….there isn’t much in Southborough. It amazes me that Southborough chooses to let other Towns benefit from tax revenue generated by businesses that could be here in our Town. Some like to keep the Town in the dark age (ie Main St. project) but I know there are many more folks that would like to see more things offered but they need to speak up.
I’ve spoken to the Director of Recreation and she said that an indoor facility is on her list and in the Master Plan. She would like to the Town to have a facility that would support multiple functions such as sports (soccer, lax etc) and other physical activities for all ages. If a school ever became available that could work but she can’t base plans on something that might or might not happen.
To be honest a new facility in Town may not be a priority when we have a police facility that is unacceptable.
On the other hand, if you want something….the squeaky wheel ……

11 years ago

I have long thought that we need a center for the teens and tweens in this town. A pool would be an added bonus. I can’t imagine the cost to run such a place though with staff and insurnace and all. The teen centers and dances at Trottier are great but many don’t want to “hang” at their school and they consider them boring.

I thought at one point we were supposed to be able to use the pool a the NEC center on route 9? I know town and school officials toured the facility when it opened because we were going to have access to it. What happened to that? Also, does St. Mark’s have one? If so, what about St. Mark’s opening their pool facility for town use? SInce they don’t pay real taxes and keep eating up our real estate which lowers our taxes as well, wouldn’t that be a good trade off? We are able to use the skating rink, has anyone ever looking into the pool if they have one? Just a thought.

My kids took lessons at McCarthy’s. It was so convenient. It is great that this is coming back. Thank you to the owners for allowing this.

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