Economic Development Team seeks writer for news releases

The Economic Development Team is a group of residents who are trying to encourage new business to set up shop in Southborough, and to bring attention to the ones already here. They’re currently looking for someone to help with their marketing and PR initiatives. Here’s more information.

The Economic Development Team of Southborough is looking for a person who has a journalism background and can write news releases/articles about businesses and nonprofits in Southborough. We need someone who has exceptional writing skills, has extensive experience interviewing business and community leaders and has worked successfully with various news media organizations.

Those interested should contact Chris Robbins at or 508-735-6100.

About the Economic Development Team
The Economic Development Team (EDT) is an independent Association charged with promoting and developing the industrial/business/commercial resources of the Town. The EDT accomplishes its charge through the creation of various marketing initiatives; providing ongoing feedback on ways to refine internal Town structures and by-laws to better support economic development efforts; serving as an initial review board and advocate for providing State and local economic incentives to new and expanding businesses in Town; and providing assistance to businesses and residents dealing with zoning issues, building permits or providing introductions to key business and community leaders.

Key to its efforts is to work closely with the Town’s leadership and residents to help the Town to reduce residential taxes and sustain the core services of the community by attracting, retaining, developing and expanding our business tax base.

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Ronald B. White
11 years ago

Had written more than a score of economic development articles when I directed the Dallas Headquarters relocation program. Biggest missing news today is how cities grow in a national recession and how companies can find those cities.

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