Water main break affecting south side homes this morning

A water main on Independence Drive broke early this morning, leaving a number of south side homes without water or with low water pressure. The Department of Public Works said crews are actively working on the problem, but did not have an ETA on when it would be fixed.

It’s the second water main break on the south side this year. A water main on Liberty Drive broke back in January.

In addition to homes on Independence Drive, residents have reported water problems on Fiddleneck, Vale Terrace, Cordaville, Atwood, and others.

DPW representatives instruct affected residents not to turn on their hot water, or sediment will be sucked into their hot water tanks. When the water returns to full pressure, residents may find it looks brown. If possible, don’t run your water for a while to let the sediment settle. Alternatively, let the water run for several minutes until it appears clear. Do not do laundry while the water is still brown as it will stain clothes.

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11 years ago

Lost all water at 6:15 this morning as my shower was running. Luckily I was not in it. We called the DPW and the police. They were very responsive. I saw them driving around the neighborhood just a short time later.

11 years ago

Is there an update on wether this has been repaired? I think the DPW phone hours ended at 3.30pm.

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