Former ZBA chairman pulls papers for Planning Board

Former Zoning Board of Appeals chairman Sam Stivers has pulled nomination papers for a seat on the Planning Board. According to records from the Town Clerk, Stivers pulled papers on Tuesday. The deadline for filing is next Monday.

Stivers was a longtime member of the Zoning Board of Appeals until last June when his reappointment was voted down by Selectmen after other committee members and former applicants voiced concerns about his tenure on the board. Stivers defended his record saying the allegations made against him were not based in fact.

Assuming Stivers files his paperwork by the deadline, he will challenge Andrew Mills for a 1-year term on the Planning Board. Mills was appointed to the board last June after member Mary Hynes resigned. Normally a term on the Planning Board lasts five years, but since Hynes’ term was set to expire in 2013, the seat Mills and Stivers will vie for will have only a 1-year term.

In a separate race, current Planning Board Chairman Donald Morris is running unopposed for another 5-year term.

In other election news, Marianna Surette pulled nomination papers this week to run against incumbent Susan Chorey for a seat on the Southborough Housing Authority.

The last day to pull nomination papers is tomorrow (March 23). Candidates have until Monday (March 26) to collect signatures and file their paperwork with the Town Clerk. Considering a last-minute run? Here’s more info on how to do it.

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