From FitStudio 28: Tips for springing into fitness

Above: Having fun and getting fit at FitStudio 28 in Westborough (photo by Nancy Gould)

[Ed. note: This is the first in an occasional guest series brought to you by Southborough residents Leah Ammon and Cindy Evangelous who together own FitStudio 28 in Westborough. This week Leah and Cindy help you get your spring fitness routine started off on the right foot.]

Your goal this spring? To jump back into your favorite jeans of course! Use these tips to capture that youthful, slim appearance that has been hiding under winter layers for months!

To start, set yourself up for success by:

• SCHEDULING your fitness workouts as you would a doctor appointment, luncheon date, or your kid’s school meeting. You are more likely to go to a group exercise class if it is on the calendar and it allows you to stay on schedule.

• AT LEAST THREE CARDIO WORKOUTS each week that involve VIGOROUS activity. Cardiovascular workouts train your heart healthy and offer fat burning when done at a moderate intensity for approximately 20 or more minutes. To check to make sure that a workout is cardiovascular training in nature, try a “talk test.” If you can talk during your workout, it should be minimally, and with some effort.

• RESISTANCE TRAINING (opposite days are best to create a training effect). This is the BEST WAY TO CREATE LEAN BODY TISSUE. Resistive workouts include, hand held weights, machines, TRX suspension systems, tubing, balls, kettle bells, and more!

• CROSS TRAIN in order to stay on track! Fitness is a lifestyle. Things will and can become habit if they are fun, and if they are functional to you. If you enjoy tennis, work that into your activities for the week (if you are competitive, it may be suitable as your cardio workout). If you love a good swim, use that as your cardio training one day per week and keep your pace at a challenging level. Cross training will rule out boredom, create results, and keep the body guessing what will come next.

An ideal week could have many options. Here are two examples.


  • Monday: Cardio run/walk combo, functional training workout
  • Tuesday: Cardio cycling class, mild stretching
  • Wednesday: Yoga class
  • Thursday: Cardio swim, resistance training with trainer
  • Friday: Pilates class
  • Saturday and Sunday OFF


  • Monday: fusion group ex class (30 min spin/30 min weights/ballet barre)
  • Tuesday: Pilates workout
  • Wednesday: Cardio drills on treadmill, 30 min TRX workout
  • Thursday: Tennis workout
  • Friday: Flexibility
  • Saturday: leisure walk
  • Sunday: OFF

Additionally, to achieve all of your goals this spring, keep a food journal for one week. Studies have proven that if you “write what you bite,” you are more apt to take a look at your habits and make small, appropriate changes. Cutting out one thing that may show up as a recurring hidden saboteur is one more step in the right direction. SKINNY JEANS, here you come!!

Bonus: GREAT OUTDOOR RUN/WALK playlist you can download and stay motivated with:

  • This means War – Nickelback
  • Blackout – Breathe Carolina
  • Ignorance – Paramore
  • Trinity – Paper Tongues
  • We run the night – Havana Brown
  • Tonight is the night – Outasight

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