Doing Good: Southborough resident to participate in AngelRide

With the season of charity runs, walks, and rides, upon us, there are no shortage of stories of Southborough residents going above and beyond to do their part for causes they hold near and dear. It began earlier this week when a number of our neighbors braved the heat to run the Boston Marathon for their favorite charity.

In a new series kicking off today called Doing Good, I’ll share the stories Southborough residents who are training and fundraising for upcoming charity events, and let you know how you can help them reach their goals.

First up is the story of Cliff LaCoursiere who in May will bike 135 miles over two days as part of the AngelRide event to benefit The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp’s Hospital Outreach Program for critically ill children.

Reports the Community Advocate:

LaCoursiere, who is motivated by the desire to prevent the suffering of children, chose to participate in the AngelRide because he believes that, “the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp’s Hospital Outreach Program is a good balance between clinical support and community support.”

An avid bike rider, LaCoursiere has ridden recreationally for over 20 years – clocking over 25,000 miles on his first pair of mountain bike shoes. He rides every day regardless of the weather. If it is icy, he rides with studded tires; if it is raining, he uses a bike with fenders; if the roads are clear, he uses a professional road bike. LaCoursiere said that he typically rides more than 5,500 miles per year.

You can contribute to LaCoursiere’s cause on his donation page.

Look for more stories in the Doing Good series coming soon. If you’re a Southborough resident participating in a charity fundraising event, drop me a line with the details at

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