PHOTOS: Southborough’s finest take on the Patriots

With a final score of 87-30, the game wasn’t exactly a nail-bitter, but there was still plenty of fun to be had when Southborough firefighters and police officers took on the All Pro Patriots Celebrity Basketball Team at Trottier yesterday. The game was a fundraiser for the Southborough Permanent Firefighters IAFF Local 3129.

Southborough photographer Chris Wraight ( was at the game and sent in these photos. Click a thumbnail to enlarge.

(For those of you wondering, it was the Patriots who won the game.)

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Chris Wraight
11 years ago

The game was a lot of fun, the athletes were very down-to-earth and outstanding basketball players as well. There was a great (easy) autograph opportunity at the half, too.

A key to some of the players:

pic #3 – Kyle Love (nose tackle)
Blue stripe (pants) & ‘beard’ – Patrick Chung
White stripe – Devin McCourty
Red plaid stripe – Kyle Arrington

Other players: Jermaine Wiggins, Steve Deossie, and Patrick Pass.

James Smith
11 years ago

It is not who won the game it is the friend shipping and being a good sport about the whole thing. Brings our partners together for a common goal and helps build moral. We did this for years in our city and county and all had fun and built a lot of strong bonds between departments. Keep up the good work. Love you brother James but we need to hit the court several months before the next game. I guess I will have to come up and coach the team and run all of you through a lot of drills before next game. Was there coffee and donuts provided for all LEO’s.

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