MWDN: Westborough, Southborough, Shrewsbury target unfunded mandates

Southborough may have approved its municipal and school budgets for fiscal year 2013 at Town Meeting earlier this month, but the talk about budgets is far from over. Last week Selectman Bill Boland met with officials from area towns to discuss the impact unfunded mandates imposed by the state have on local budgets.

Reports the Metrowest Daily News:

With several education mandates, including forcing school districts to fund out-of-district placements and transportation and several special education mandates, Southborough selectmen Chairman Bill Boland said the unfunded mandates are detrimental to the town’s school and municipal budgets.

“The cost is staggering,” Boland said. “That’s a big drain on the educational budget. What suffers is your regular day program.”

Southborough and its neighbors are considering filing a home-rule petition to pressure the state into removing the mandates.

Here’s where I have to admit to being completely ignorant about what a home-rule petition means and what its impact would be. Perhaps those of you with more knowledge could share in the comments?

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