Breaking news: Boland and Mills win at the polls

The votes are in, and Bill Boland has won reelection to the Board of Selectman. Boland received 942 votes to challenger Leo Bartolini Jr’s 509.

In Southborough’s other contested race, Andrew Mills was awarded a seat on the Planning Board over Sam Stivers by a margin of 903 to 463 votes.

Town Clerk Paul Berry said turnout was 21%. The results are unofficial until certified, but Berry said he doesn’t expect there will be any changes.

I’ll have more details on the blog tomorrow.

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11 years ago

Congratulations to Bill and Andrew, thank you both for your continued service to Southboro, it is very appreciated.

11 years ago

Thanks to Susan for all of the wonderful coverage and providing a platform for idea exchange. I have found many of the comments/exchanges very inspiring, and would like to know how a resident can best take “baby steps” to getting more involved in our town’s issues.

I have been in Sboro for 9 years, but the two times I attended a town meeting, the experience was rather frustrating. I did not feel welcome, it felt very much like an insiders’ club, they seemed to drag on certain topics endlessly (maybe I am too used to business meetings that tend to follow a precise agenda, timelines, etc.). I have to guess that I am not alone–that there are other newer residents who are interested in our town’s operations and future–but have been discouraged by early attempts at involvement.

Any tips?

Tim Martel
11 years ago
Reply to  KathrynK

Pick a subject that is dear to your heart – library, school, town mgr, community preservation, advisory, whatever you prefer. Start to attend the committee meetings as an observer. When you’re ready, contribute your opinion during the meetings (of course, the school committee won’t allow you to do that, so perhaps choose something else). If you want to serve on an appointed board, there is a volunteer form on the town website you can download and submit to the BOS.


Committee Vacancies:

John Boiardi
11 years ago

Mr Bartolini had 259 more votes than signs

11 years ago
Reply to  John Boiardi

Ahh, yes, our friendly small town. Nothing like kicking a guy when he is down.

Just Curious
11 years ago
Reply to  John Boiardi

Maybe, but at least he had the guts to run.

Thank you to all the candidates who offered their services to this town.

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