Assabet Valley staff launches fitness challenge

Above: Members of the Fitness Committee at Assabet Valley, from left to right: Bobby Chaves, school electrician; Gil Lefort, athletic trainer; Mary Miller, Health Technologies instructor; Melissa Couture, Administrative Assistant; Sandra Stuart, Health and PhysEd instructor; and Mary Lucchese, Administrative Assistant

Staff members at Assabet are taking part in a new exercise program that’s helping them get fit while boosting morale. Sounds like a win-win to me. Here’s the story in a press release from the school.

Sixty-eight staff members from Assabet Valley have dusted off their bicycles, dug out their swim suits, and laced up their sneakers for a staff Fitness Challenge! The goal of this year’s Fitness Challenge is to exercise for at least 150 minutes per week for 7 weeks. This year’s challengers have exceeded the Week 1 goal by over 5000 minutes!

The program has been set-up to encourage staff to get moving, get healthy, and have fun! Each week has a different theme. This week’s theme promotes members to step “outside the box” of their usual exercise routine. The competitive spirit at Assabet Valley has been highly contagious!

This year’s Fitness Challenge is part of the school district’s ongoing wellness program. The wellness program at Assabet Valley has been in place for several years. Some of the wellness programs and activities have included Weight Watchers At Work, Race To Vegas walking challenge, Biggest Loser competitions, an early morning Boot Camp, staff aerobics and kickboxing classes, skin cancer screenings, and blood pressure and blood sugar checks!

Superintendent Mary Jo Nawrocki has been logging her minutes as well and recently remarked: “Our initial goal with wellness was to keep staff healthy. However, these programs have also brought staff closer together, boosted morale, and added an element of fun and competitive spirit to our every day routine!”

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