It’s the last day of school for Southborough students…mostly

Above: An extra day off due to the October snow storm is keeping Algonquin kids in school later this week (photo by Chris Wraight)

Most public school kids in Southborough are celebrating the last day of school today, but not all of them. Algonquin underclassmen will have to hang on one more day before their summer vacation starts thanks to school closures last fall.

When the schools set the calendar for the year, they add five snow days to the state-required 180-day school year. That meant school was originally set to end on June 22. But as we all know, there was hardly any snow this year, and the schools didn’t come close to using up their allotted snow days. In fact, the few snow days we had this year came in October.

The freak Nor’easter that hit just before Halloween closed school in Southborough for two days. Algonquin, along with the Northborough K-8 schools, were closed for three days. While Southborough schools close for the year today, Algonquin will remain open for one more day to make up for their extra snow day in October.

Regardless of when it starts, here’s wishing all Southborough school kids a very happy summer.


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