Youth baseball: Southboro 11’s repeat as district champs

Above: Southboro District 11’s. Top Row: Coach Bob Kea, Head Coach Mike Morhardt, Coach Mark Boyden, Coach Fu Poon; Middle Row: Alex Elias, Hayden Kea, Nikhil Singh, Henry Thrun, Harry Boyden, Ben Poon, Max Morhardt; Bottow Row: Grant Gattuso, Matthew Walsh, Sean Cullen, Conor Coghlin, Ben Ward, Gunnar Vachris (contributed photo)

Last year Southborough Youth Baseball’s 11-year-old team went undefeated and captured the District 5 championship. This year they repeated the same impressive accomplishments. Here’s an update from My Southborough reader Mike:

The District 11’s beat an undefeated Charlton team 5-0 to win the District 5 championship in Millbury last Saturday. They repeated as district champions going undefeated for a second year in row. The team outscored their final three opponents 22-1.

Coach Mike Morhardt said “The boys practiced hard all season on defense and it really showed in the playoffs. Last year we had the lowest ‘runs against’ of any team in the district and we were able to do that again.”

Supported by strong pitching and powerful hitting, all 13 boys made key contributions this summer. The results reflect a true team effort.

Congrats to the team!

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11 years ago

congrats guys! didn’t some of these kids win last year, too?

11 years ago
Reply to  katie

Yes Katie, They won the district as 10 year olds!!!! It was a great way to spend part of the summer! Thank you to Mike, Bob, Fu and Mark for all your time spent with the boys.

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