Police ask for community’s help after a string of home break-ins

A rash of home break-ins – at least six in the past month – have residents on edge, and police are asking for the community’s help to solve the crimes, and to prevent new ones from happening.

Police investigated two break-ins yesterday alone, one on School Street and another on Latisquama Road. Since mid-July there have also been break-ins to homes on Maple Street, Middle Road (South), Parkerville Road (South), and Main Street. In all cases the residents were not home at the time.

Lieutenant Sean James of the Southborough Police Department said they are still going through the evidence, but there are similarities among the break-ins and they could be related. Southborough has also seen break-ins at two business and multiple vehicles in the past month, but James said those are most likely not related to the home burglaries.

James said he could not go into more detail about what was stolen from the homes and how the criminal(s) gained entry for fear of jeopardizing the investigation, but he asked for the public’s help in reporting any suspicious activity.

“If you don’t recognize someone at a residence and it doesn’t look like they have business there, it’s crucial that you notify us,” James said, adding that residents should call immediately and not wait.

Some residents are sending in tips by email, James said, but it’s often too late to do anything about it by the time the information is received. He also said some residents are reluctant to call police because the tip could prove to be nothing.

“If you see suspicious activity, call us,” James said. “You’re not bothering us. This is what we do.”

Southborough isn’t the only community facing an increase in burglaries. Just yesterday Northborough police responded to reports of six home break-ins on the north side of town.

“I’m really concerned,” James said. “It’s not just our town.”

James said Southborough police are working with their peers in surrounding towns in an attempt to solve the crimes. “We’re putting our heads together,” he said.

James advised residents to lock their doors at home and in their cars. “Times have changed. You really need to secure your property,” he said. “Even in Southborough.”

To report suspicious activity in your neighborhood, call the Southborough Police Department immediately at 508-485-2121. A community meeting to discuss the recent crimes has been scheduled for next Tuesday at 7:00 pm at the Southborough fire station (21 Main Street).

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