In my backyard: Gray tree frog (with photos)

Southborough is a chorus of voices on a summer evening. I love throwing the windows wide and listening to the nighttime sounds (while staying inside away from all those nasty mosquitoes). Much of the nocturnal racket is produced by tree frogs – a fact I learned only recently. It still amazes me that such a big sound can come from such a small creature.

We had a special daytime visit by a gray tree frog who nestled his way into a bucket of my daughter’s outdoor toys earlier this summer. Before we encouraged him back into the woods where he belongs, I snapped a few shots. He proved a most willing model. Click on a thumbnail in the gallery below to enlarge.

Want to know what a gray tree frog sounds like? Listen to this audio clip sent in by a My Southborough reader a couple of summers back.

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Mark Ford
11 years ago

Cool pix, and excellent sound file. Thanks whoever sent that in!

11 years ago

Handsome fella! And great singer too. You are lucky to find that guy as they can be very hard to locate and see.

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