Cars broken into on Oregon Road last night

An Oregon Road resident wrote in today to share that her cars were broken into last night while parked in front of her home. There was no damage, and the thieves did not take much, but she wanted to remind residents to lock their car doors.

“Just wanted to give you and your readers a heads up to make sure they lock their car doors at night,” wrote the resident who wished to remain anonymous. “This morning at 1:13 am, two men went through two of our vehicles that we had left unlocked and took all the change they could find. They left the GPS and other items but only took change.”

The thieves also reportedly went through a neighbor’s car.

The resident who reported the crime happens to have a surveillance system and caught the criminals on tape. She said it was dark and the thieves wore hoodies so you could not see their faces, but she’s working on getting a copy of the video to the Southborough Police Department.

The vehicle break-ins come at a time when residents are already on edge after a string of home burglaries. Ten home break-ins have been reported in the past six weeks or so, with the most recent taking place on Tuesday of this week.

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