Letter: Dykema is best person to represent Southborough

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To the editor:

Carolyn Dykema is exactly the sort of person who should represent us. She’s giving, capable, community-minded, and accessible. She’s the best listener I’ve ever met, and she’s open to anyone’s good idea.

One voter said to me, “I’m a Republican, and I was going to vote for the Republican, but then I met Carolyn.” I’ve heard similar comments so often I’ve lost count. People who meet her can tell she’s focused on practical solutions for all of us.

Here are only a few of Rep. Dykema’s many achievements.

Small businesses told Carolyn they needed help with the spiraling cost of health insurance. She supported new buying groups through which small businesses are getting discounts from their premiums. (There are many other ways she’s helped small businesses, too.)

Towns needed help with health insurance, too, and Carolyn and the legislature bucked union opposition to allow towns to put their employees into the GIC. Taxpayers are saving money.

Carolyn has supported education, in which our district leads Massachusetts, which leads the nation. Local aid, fully and fairly funded, has been her priority.

Carolyn has done incredible work to show our devotion to veterans in honor of their devotion to us.

Last but not least, I always know that Rep. Dykema is in our corner, no one else’s. She stood up calmly, civilly, yet with unshakeable firmness against casinos, even though gambling was the Speaker’s top priority.

Carolyn Dykema is far and away the best person to represent Holliston, Hopkinton, Southborough, and Westborough.

Kelly Roney
Southborough, MA

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10 years ago

I am very impressed by Carolyn Dykema in her role as Southborough’s representative. She has an excellent grasp of the issues facing her district and Massachusetts, especially the very important issues of public health, the environment, and regional transportation. She is in close touch with her constituents all the time, listening, remembering, and working on solutions to common problems. She has filed legislation on Lyme Disease, domestic violence, and the protection of open space. Her experience in business leads her to propose efficiencies in town finances. Our district is very fortunate that she puts so much knowledge and hard work into making Massachusetts a good place for families to live.

Sabra Upjohn
Southborough, MA

10 years ago

I have dealt with Carolyn’s office many times. Her assistants are extremely helpful and has always come through for us,along with Jim McGovern and Jamie Eldridge. For us, she makes the best decisions. And she very definitely cares about small businesses and people too,. I would want her at the helm should a disaster strike here. And John Rooney.

Margaret Reeves
10 years ago

I’ve spoken with Democrats who met Marty Lamb, expressed how personable he is, engaging, how intelligent he is with business matters, how knowledgeable he is on state functions, and how they appreciate someone who actually has proposals and plans. Marty Lamb is the only one with solutions. We don’t see that from Beacon Hill. They’ve done nothing to help the business climate in this state.

What do Beacon Hill politicians do when they have absolutely no clue or idea what to do ? They form a commission !! It’s a CYA mentality. Role out a commission in an election year. Form some panel of talking heads who have no clue what goes on in the real world.

More smoke and mirrors from the Beacon Hill Democrats. More hand waving. More talk, which is cheap and worthless. More time wasted and time is money, too, ie, more taxpayer dollars wasted paying this bunch for doing nothing for job creation.

This article sums up the games the Democrats on Beacon Hill continue to play. Aren’t we all sick of this ?!


Democrat Thom Gilbert whose video is posted in the blog speaks from the heart about his support for Marty Lamb and the reasons. He doesn’t need rehearsals or cue cards. He means what he says. It’s in his heart. He just speaks to it.

The cost of medical insurance is out of control. We have the highest premiums in the country, and I just received my renewal plan and every year costs increase 20 to 25%. It’s unsustainable. Ms Dykema has done nothing to control these rising health costs.

Ms Dykema has voted to cut special education funding.

Ms Dykema has voted for forced unionization of home daycare. This hurts small mom owned businesses. It hurts women, parents, and children and raises child care costs. She is beholden to the unions. They send mailings for her, such as MTA and SEIU unions. Otherwise, it’s the Democrat state party. No mailers are from her committee. This shows the allegiance is with the Speaker from Winthrop. She is a reliable vote for him and they want to preserve that, thus all outside the district mailers. She’s beholden to Boston.

We are right on home daycare.


She votes with the Speaker 95% of the time. She has a very liberal voting record. She follows the leader.

What we need is a real independent voice, and that person is Marty Lamb. He’s been unenrolled most of his life. He has the experience running a business. As Vice President of New Jobs For Massachusetts, he has already put forth legislative initiatives and worked with the Small Business caucus. He has a multitude of worthy ideas to reform bloated state government and make it work better and more effective for citizens. He will always vote for the taxpayer.

Marty Lamb has been endorsed by a number of citizens who know and respect him. He has been endorsed by Worcester County Sheriff Lew Evangelidis, Rep. Steven Levy, The Worcester Telegram, and watchdog organizations, Citizens for Limited Taxation, and National Federation of Independent Business.

The endorsement by Worcester county Sheriff Lew Evangelidis is monumental. Also, this Sheriff knows Marty Lamb. As a citizen, Marty Lamb has been a strong advocate for Secure Communities. Lamb supported it and showed up at meetings and took the microphone at the open forum and spoke very eloquently. He also asked pertinent questions which the panel members from the State House could not answer. Very revealing. Lamb sure did shed light on this important issue.

Dykema voted against Secure Communities which is an Obama program. It crosses party lines. It’s common sense. She aligned herself with Deval Patrick to oppose Secure Communities which was activated DESPITE all the Democrat efforts to stop it.

Dykema was on the wrong side of the issue again.

Sharing was NOT in place without Secure Communities (SC). Data stopped at the FBI and was not passed on to Homeland Security. SC brought Homeland Security into the loop. Also, prior to SC, Law Enforcement could use discretion and decide when they felt like notifying Homeland Security, leaving potential profiling problems wide open. Under SC there is no discretion, all those arrested & booked must be submitted.

State Rep Steven Levy endorsed Marty Lamb and knows him. Marty Lamb has been working on the economic issues when he was on New Jobs for Massachusetts. He came out with proposals as a private citizen to help turnaround the economy. He worked with the Small Business caucus on Beacon Hill on common sense proposals and legislative initiatives.

Marty Lamb was endorsed by the Worcester Telegram. They certainly know and have covered him in the past. They hardly ever endorse a Republican.


They speak of the need for more balance on Beacon Hill.

In part they say,

“But we continue to believe that greater political balance holds the promise of a more bipartisan and moderate fiscal policy, as well as hope for deeper reforms. Too often, the pace of change on Beacon Hill has been too slow, too timid and too beholden to special interests.”

and they say…..

“The key for voters is to examine the candidates in each race less by their party labels than by their commitment to common-sense governance that balances the needs of their district and the state.”
Watchdog groups Citizens For Limited Taxation (CLT) and National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) have endorsed Marty Lamb after evaluating Ms. Dykema’s voting record. That’s the overriding issue in this campaign, how does she represent constituents on Beacon Hill. How does she vote. Those laws are what effect citizens’ lives day in and day out. These votes are public record and are facts at the State House. There’s no denying them.

That’s why both organizations endorsed Marty Lamb.

The head of NFIB, Bill Vernon endorsed Jim Timilty this year. He has endorsed Democrats Mike Rodrigues, Dave Torrisi, Colleen Garry, Harriett Stanley and others in the past. NFIB’s endorsements are based on legislators’ voting records during the two year legislative session with votes covering a wide range of issues like health care and health insurance, independent contractor law, unemployment insurance, and taxes. NFIB supports and endorses legislators who support lowering the cost of doing business, improving the business climate, and encouraging job growth among small businesses.

We so often heard Barbara Anderson on radio for CLT. She’s an unenrolled independent voter and always been a champion for the taxpayer.

Marty Lamb is their overwhelming choice, and that’s clear because Ms. Dykema’s voting record is anti-business by far. She votes with the Speaker from Winthrop 95% of the time. She is a reliable vote for him. She votes to increase sales tax, alcohol tax, against meals tax holiday. She votes to force unionization on home daycare. This hurts small mom owned women daycares. This hurts parents and raises child care costs.

As we see, who is sending all of Ms Dykema’s mailers. It’s the unions like MTA and Democrat State Party. All from Boston, nothing from her committee. We can see where her loyalties lie. She is a reliable vote for the Speaker from Winthrop. The allegiance is there.

This election we are supporting the candidate with the backbone to stand up to the Speaker. The Speaker is refusing to rule out tax increases and has not helped the small business community. We need a new leader who will stand up for us at the State House. That’s why people will proudly casting their vote for Marty Lamb.

It is time for a new voice – State Representative Marty Lamb

10 years ago

Dykema is anti small business and anti woman. She shows this with her affirmative vote forcing in home daycare providers to have to unionize. You would think, then, if they have to pay a union, these small, mostly woman owned businesses would get some perks from joining. FYI – they get NOTHING. Those unions don’t help them with anything! The only thing the unions do is make these small business owners poorer. In this economy, that’s a travesty. Dykema is for unions only, not for her constituents. For proof, look at her mailings, the only ones sent out on her behalf were from unions and the Democrat Party. Go, look at your mail. No mailings came from her or her district. Hmmmm….Vote her out.

Darlene Hayes
10 years ago

Two of the quotes above ditto my sentiments and reason I am supporting Carolyn Dykema for re-election as OUR state rep.
Carolyn has supported education, in which our district leads Massachusetts, which leads the nation. Local aid, fully and fairly funded, has been her priority.-Kelly R
She is in close touch with her constituents all the time, listening, remembering, and working on solutions to common problems. She has filed legislation on Lyme Disease, domestic violence, and the protection of open space. Her experience in business leads her to propose efficiencies in town finances.-Sabra
Please vote on 11/6 and join many of us in this community in re-electing
Carolyn Dykema as OUR state rep.

10 years ago

Ms. Dykema has received LOCAL support from those that have worked WITH her. The local endorsements are what voters need to consider and are very important. And who is doing the endorsing needs to be checked as well. I did a quick google of some of the recent Dykema endorsers and believe the endorsement by former selectman Giorlandino is in my mind more significant than anything you say. He has been on OUR town’s ZBA and has been OUR selectman, and is an assistant attorney general. The endorsement of Mrs. Polutchko is more significant than anything you say as she has devoted years to working with OUR schools, is on OUR school committee, and has worked directly with Ms. Dykema. The endorsement of Mr. Rooney is more signficant than anything you say as he is OUR selectman and was just named a MA super lawyer by his peers and Boston Magazine. The endorsement of Mr. Whynot is more signifcant than anything you can say as he has worked directly with Ms. Dykema and for years has been one of OUR strongest representatives of OUR veterans.

So these are just four people who recently endorsed Ms. Dykema and those four have solid backgrounds and have worked directly with her for out town.

Compare this to the video endorsement of Mr. Novello. While he may be a good guy, who is he and what has he done for Southboro? I googled him and could not find anything that would make me think that his words have any significance to ME. His video was put out there just to get Mr. Lamb’s name out there and not offering anything of value to Southboro voters.

Politics is all local. We have tremendous amount of local support for Ms. Dykema. Get to the point and tell me why I should vote for him, what he has done or will do for my town, and why he would be better representing ME in Boston. And don’t bore me with state wide endorsements or accomplishments. Focus on me and my town. Thank you.

Darlene Hayes
10 years ago

Amen, local support for Carolyn Dykema is enormous.
My concern is selfish it is for the approximately 56,000 residents including my family, friends and neighbors in the communities that make up the 8th district not the whole 10,000,000 residents of the Commonwealth.
Carolyn Dykema serves the less than 1% of the Commonwealth’s population very well and deserving of re-election in the 8th district.
…. and it is always wise to listen to our “Elder” ‘s sound platform above.

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