PHOTOS: Southborough honors its veterans

In a ceremony at the All Wars Memorial on Sunday, Southborough residents turned out to honor the town’s veterans in a ceremony that featured readings, speeches, and music.

Southborough photographer Chris Wraight attended the remembrance and shared these photos. Click an image in the gallery below to enlarge.

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Steve Whynot
11 years ago

Thank You Chris for your pictures and Thank you Susan for posting. I’d like to express my appreciation to our the Boy and Girls Scouts and their leaders for joining us. The singers from Algonquin were outstanding.

To my fellow Veterans – Thank You for your Service… and to those citizens who were present – WE do appreciate you being there.

However – I am disappointed that more residents – could not find it within themselves to take a 1/2 hour to attend the Veterans Day Observance. This was a day to remember the sacrifices our service men and women have given. Hopefully – those that could not attend did pause – but for a minute or two on Sunday. My better judgement says – probably not. How sad – How disrespectfull to those who served and serve today. Just the opinion of one proud Vet.

L. Souza
11 years ago

Mr. Whynot. Thank you for your service. It nearly brought tears to my eyes to see how few residents turned out on Sunday to honor our veterans. Mr. Rooney’s speech was so moving about our freedoms, that maybe if people took the time to really understand what this day was about, the turnout would be different.

11 years ago

You should also be proud of the 140 8th graders from Trottier that were thanking veterans and witnessing special services on Sunday at the Vietnam Memorial during their trip to Washington D.C.

Lisa Braccio
11 years ago

Steve, it was heartbreaking for me as well to see such a low turnout, as Mr. Rooney’s speech said our Great Nation would be very different without the sacrifices of our Veterans past and present. While we all enjoy the freedom to make our own choices, having that right is because of those who so selflessly served. It made me sadder that the Foley Family, who have given the ultimate sacrifice with their child and brothers life, had to see such a turnout. I say a HUGE thank you to all those who do serve and have served,

11 years ago

It is in fact unfortunate the not many residents showed up. I for one had no idea this was happening on Sunday (I was thinking Monday) and never saw any mention of it at all. Perhaps that is one factor. Another for me is that I was working and could not have attended even if I knew about it. I have an obligation to my family in this ecomony to try and keep from losing our home, keeping it warm, and feeding my children. It really had nothing to do with disrespect, so nobody should be jumping to conclusions. I thank each and every veteran and service person for all they do to keep us safe and free. I can do that without making an appearance for you to see me. I have given over and over candy at Neary for the troops, personal care items and anything else I can give when the drives are ongoing. Let’s not beat up the people who did not come to the observance for whatever reason. Maybe they too had a good reason for not coming. You NEVER know what is going on in somebody else’s life, it doesn’t mean that they are trying to disrespect anything. Sometimes not showing up at one of these things is beyond a person’s control. Respect everybody.

Steve Whynot
11 years ago

Resident….. Your Opinion……My Opinion…it was noted on this site…as well as the town site… Also – it was November 11th…Maybe some people have valid reason.. My point was it was a low turn out….and Southborough can do better – excuses aside.

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