Police say teens soliciting door-to-door for donations are scammers

The Southborough Police Department released this warning on their Facebook page yesterday:

On November 6, 2012 & November 11, 2012, Southborough police received calls for solicitors on Oregon Road (6th), and Breakneck Hill Road (11th). Both incidents involved two African American teenage girls, who were attempting to solicit money for the homeless.

Officers responding to both calls were unable to locate the two girls involved. A follow-up investigation has determined that the two are claiming to be soliciting money (for the homeless) for a church in Ashland. The church in Ashland was contacted, and they stated that they do not have any representatives out soliciting money for their church.

If you have any contact with these two female parties, please contact the Southborough Police Department at (508) 485-2121. Thank you.

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