Open discussion thread: Ask questions, share opinions

Time for another open thread. For those of you new to the blog, the open discussion thread is your place to ask questions, sound off on town issues, or share information with other readers. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • Ask questions about programs in town or the town itself
  • Post a note about things that you’re selling or giving away, or things that you want
  • Share notices about upcoming events (Southborough or otherwise)
  • Register your thoughts on town issues or news stories
  • Point out interesting or helpful resources

You can add comments to the thread throughout the week. Check back often to see new comments. (If you read the blog via email or RSS, you might want to check the site from time to time for new comments.)

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Steve Ulfelder
10 years ago

Is there any way to know which roads are scheduled for repaving next? I’ve noticed that Latisquama has gotten pretty grim.

10 years ago

Is the pot-hole right at the entrance to the MBTA parking lot on the schedule to be repaired?
It is exactly where the street and the driveway meet on 85.

10 years ago

I’m always curious about the pathetic corner of Newton and Main Street in our downtown?

Frank Crowell
10 years ago

Anyone know what happened at the ZB meeting last Wednesday relative to Cumberland Farms or the School Committee meeting with regards to Neary?

Betsy Rosenbloom
10 years ago
Reply to  susan

Hi Susan. I attended the meeting because I read about it on your website and thought it sounded interesting! Cumberland Farms withdrew its appeal of the “Cease & Desist” so the only matter before the ZB was the request for the variance. CF representative (unidentified, lawyer maybe?) said the differences between the project as built and the project as approved by the ZB were the result of changes made when the project encountered the Planning Board and the Board of Health. He said CF erred in not communicating these changes back to the ZB but there was no intentional wrongdoing. My recollection is that most (all?) of the ZB members spoke favorably about CF and the project and in the end, the variance was approved. I believe it was unanimous. Although some ZB members expressed that they were not happy with the way it played out, they did not think CF was guilty of intentional wrongdoing and at least one ZB member noted that town practices were implicated in the confusion. I didn’t take notes but Brad Petrishen was there and will have, I am sure, a more detailed and accurate account.

10 years ago

Marlborough PD has arrested someone in connection w/ small item theft (like a lot of our break-ins/theft over the past year or so)…the alleged suspect has admitted to culpability in other towns; although Southborough is not among them, one has to wonder…

Frank Crowell
10 years ago

The article and Ms. Rosenblooms post above bear some reading

“Unfortunately at no time did we alert you that those changes were occurring, nor did we alert the building inspector,” he said, adding that the thought was that the town would be notified through the Planning Board .

“None of this was done surreptitiously,” he said later. “Every time a change was made it was before some board or another.”

From both reports, I do not think CF owes an apology to anyone and I agree with the one lone ZB member who thinks town practices should be improved. If I were a business owner I would expect some internal communication between ZB, Planning and the Board of Health.

10 years ago

Does anyone know if St. Mark’s has open skating times next week? Thanks.

10 years ago

Has anyone got experience with switching to some of these new electricity providers? They claim service still the same but offer some added benefits. Today I got one that promised Marriott Rewards points! They do not promise to be cheaper but they also imply that they are not more expensive. Too good to be true? what’s your experience?

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