St. Mark’s finishes winter sports season on a high note

Above: St. Mark’s boys hockey celebrated a big win over Groton to cap off their season
(contributed photo)

St. Mark’s wrapped up its winter sports season last month with five wins over rival Groton. The school sent along this recap of the victories:

On February 23, St. Mark’s traveled to Groton to play six games, and the Lions defeated the Zebras in five of them. During the winter season, St. Mark’s went 8-6-1 against Groton.

Varsity boys’ basketball defeated Groton 54-40 on Saturday, finishing the year with a record of 11-9, for the 16th consecutive winning season for the program. The St. Mark’s Varsity girls’ basketball team also won against Groton by a score of 52-41, earning their first ISL win of the season. JV girls’ basketball dominated their hosts 31-12, while JV boys’ basketball suffered the only loss of the afternoon: a close 32-39 thriller. Varsity girls’ ice hockey also was victorious, shutting out Groton 3-0.

The most exciting win came fromVarsity boys’ ice hockey, scoring two goals in the final minute of play to take home a 4-3 win. The Lions defeated Groton in an earlier game this season. Earlier in the month, 3rds boys’ basketball, JV girls’ hockey, and 3rds girls’ squash all registered victories over Groton to cap their respective winning campaigns.


  • 3rds boys’ basketball, win over Groton
  • Varsity girls’ hockey, 3-0 win over Groton
  • JV girls’ hockey, 4-2 win over Brooks
  • Varsity boys’ hockey, 4-1 win over St. George’s; 4-3 win over Groton
  • JV boys’ hockey, 4-2 win over Tabor
  • Varsity girls’ basketball, 52-41 win over Groton
  • JV girls’ basketball, win over Groton
  • Varsity boys’ basketball, win over Groton
  • JV boys’ basketball, 53-50 win over Brooks
  • JV girls’ squash, 5-2 win over Pomfret

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