Algonquin musicians perform at Symphony Hall

Above: Eleven Algonquin students took part in the annual All-State Concert (photo by Sue Teplansky)

A group of Algonquin musicians took the stage at Symphony Hall last weekend as part of the prestigious MMEA All-State Concert. The Northborough-Southborough Music Association sent out these words of congratulations:

With so many of our athletic teams heading into the play-offs, it’s nice to have our own all-star team heading to the MMEA All-State Conference and Concert last weekend.

Our students participated in two days of rehearsals that culminated in a world class performance at Boston Symphony Hall.

For anyone that has attended an All-State Concert, it is something you will never forget. The level of musicianship and professionalism is outstanding. It takes your breath away.

Thank you to Amy Collins, Kathrine Waters and Eric Vincent who work so hard to prepare our students for this honor and to our school district for financially supporting this program. We couldn’t do it without you.

The All-Star Team: Gretchen Herdrich, Emily Arnold, Scott Abrams, Gloria Chen, Andrew Hamilton, Jillian Greenspan, Ben Rutan, Jenny Ma, Mike Buck, Max Teplansky and Evelyn Semenov.

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11 years ago

Way to go team! What a great experience for you!

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