Snow projections for Southborough on the rise – Find the latest storm info here (UPDATED)

Above: Snowfall projections from the National Weather Service as of about 1:00 pm Friday (via NWS)

As the snow continues to fall this morning in Southborough, the National Weather Service has increased the snowfall projection in our area to 14-18 inches. I don’t know about you, but that’s way more snow than I was expecting from this storm.

The snow is reported to be heavy and wet (I haven’t been out yet this morning to check for myself), but so far National Grid is not reporting any power outages in our area.

The snow has forced the postponement of the annual Town Spelling Bee tonight. I’ll let you know if I hear of any more delays or cancellations.

How are things looking in your neighborhood? Share your storm experiences in the comments below.

I’ll be updating this post throughout the storm with the latest Southborough information, so be sure to check back. You can also follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

Refresh your browser to see the latest updates. The most recent updates will be at the top.

Update 1:30 pm: The National Weather Service has increased the snowfall projection once again. Southborough now sits firmly in the middle of the 18-24 inch band. The view out my window looks remarkably similar to how it looked during the blizzard last month.

Update 12:45 pm: The snow continues to fall, and emergency crews continue to respond to fender benders along Route 9 and elsewhere. Drivers are also finding themselves unable to make it up some of the area hills, including one recently on Route 9 and another on Oak Hill Road.

My Southborough readers have reported as much as 15 inches of snow in their yards, but I suspect that total will be much higher by the time this is all over. The forecasts I’ve listened to say we’re in for another couple of hours of steady snowfall.

Update 11:20 am: I’m listening to the police scanner and hearing reports of spin outs and minor accidents, the latest on on Route 9 at White Bagley. Best to stay off the roads if you don’t absolutely have to go out.

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11 years ago

I agree. This is way more snow than I thought we were getting too, but glad so I can enjoy some more cross country skiing in the area. My girls are glad to have a snow day….especially on a Friday. We wish though that the call from Superintendent, Charles Gobron would come earlier than 5:45am! High school students have to get up earlier than that to get ready for school/catching the bus. It is so nice when the phone call comes the night before so you can just simply shut off your alarms.

C. Nicholas Ellis
11 years ago
Reply to  CAW

When I went to Alqonquin I never had to get up before 6:00 in order to be ready to catch the bus at 6:45. Have things changed so much in the last 10 years?

11 years ago

Parkerville Rd south over Southville road has yet to be plowed, yet every time Southville Rd is plowed they leave a bigger and bigger pile at the entrance. Repeated calls have gone unanswered at DPW. Any one else have an unplowed road?

Mark Ford
11 years ago

Hi C. Nicholas,

btw, I hope you got to see the new Algonquin video before it got pulled down…amazing and full of Tomahawk pride! My son’s bus picks him up at 6:27 on the dot. Beyond that, I suppose it’s up to the individual’s morning routine to figure out when to get up–my son is often up at 5 a.m…

11 years ago

My sons were at Algonquin last year and they got up at 6 at the earliest to get the bus at 6:30. No primping!

11 years ago

The meteorologists were way wrong! Oops.

11 years ago

It all just stopped at 2:30…weird.

Kim T.
11 years ago

Did anyone in Southborough get mail today?

11 years ago
Reply to  Kim T.

Yes we got mail, but a plow totally crashed the box and pole. So mail was very wet and box is useless..we’ll have to pick it up for a while.

11 years ago

Does anyone know what the ” official” snow fall amount was for Southborough?

Alex Neihaus
11 years ago

At about 3:30pm today, just after the storm ended and as we were about to start cleaning up, I stuck a yardstick into a pile on what had been bare pavement yesterday: 17″.

I’m so tired of winter…

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