Need to get away from all the bad news? Where to take a walk in Southborough.

Above: Southborough’s Beals Preserve offers a quiet place to be with your thoughts (photo via Southborough Open Land Foundation)

Television. Radio. Twitter. Facebook. Everywhere you turn on this the day after the marathon, the news is devastating. For those of you who might need a break from the coverage, or some time to be with your thoughts, or a place for the kids to be kids, the Southborough Open Land Foundation posted this suggestion on their Facebook page:

Got children at home? Need to get away from bad news and go to a good place? Visit the Beals preserve off Main St opposite Chestnut Hill Rd. Walk through the gate, down the lane and across the channel. Or, park at the end of Red Gate Lane. (Be careful not to park too close to driveways!)

The Beals Preserve is one of my favorite spots in town, but it’s not the only place you can go to clear your mind. Breakneck Hill Conservation Land and Chestnut Hill Farm are two other excellent options. Find more in this map of walking trails in Southborough.

Where do you go when you need the peace that comes from being in nature? Share your suggestions in the comments below.

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Jane Smith
9 years ago

I thank my lucky stars every day for that beautiful piece of land. I take my dog there at least once a day, usually in the morning, and it always succeeds in putting me in a good frame of mind to face the day. It appears as though someone has cleared the trails recently and picked up goose poop. Is that possible or am I imaging things?

Pat Q.
9 years ago

Just went to my special place today Susan; my very own flower garden. That is where I go to find my peaceful place and remove myself from the ugliness to create a little bit of beauty.

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