Make the most of your summer: hire a teen to share your load

A group of teenagers in town have teamed up to start their own service agency this summer.

Southborough Teen Services is offering to unburden you this summer (for a fee). They will take on a range of tasks from caring for your lawn to educating your kids. They have created a website to market themselves,

Southborough Teen Services specializes in landscaping services, pet-sitting, house-sitting, baby-sitting, and tutoring, allowing you to relax over the summer by letting us do the work. has been keeping grass greener as well as making pets and homes safer, kids smarter and protected, and clients happy.

I haven’t met the teens involved, but the descriptions they posted of themselves are impressive. You can check out their site, here.

Another option for hiring help with babysitting, computers, yard work and various other odd jobs, you can check out the Southborough Recreation Department’s Teen Job Book.

Speaking of. . .if you are the parent of a teen in town, you might be a bit jealous that your kids haven’t shown the same entrepreneurial spirit.

If you are dreading a summer of your teen hanging around the house in PJs. . . you may want to direct them to the book.

The Teen Job Book is an underutilized service in town. Teens (13 and older) can complete a Teen Job form for jobs that they are interested in performing. The Rec Dept will keep the completed forms in the Teen Job Book Binder for those adults seeking help to look through. Just stop by the Southborough Recreation Office in the Art Center Building.

(Photo from Flickr by Geoff Ruddock)

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Ken G
10 years ago

The link doesn’t seem to be working.

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