Don’t “help” the Southborough Fire Department (UPDATED)

Don’t “help” the Fire Department raise money for a school fire safety program. Southborough Police Department issued a warning on their Facebook page yesterday.

There is a phone scam to take advantage of residents’ civic nature. The scammer claims to be soliciting funds for the Fire Department to issue a Fire Safety Guide to the schools.

The Fire Department stated that they are not are not affiliated with this program and are not making solicitation calls at this time.

Southborough residents who receive(d) the call should contact Detective Sean McCarthy at (508) 485-2121.

A similar scam has been reported in Westborough. Residents of neighboring towns are urged to contact their own police departments if they receive these calls.

If you have questions about fundraisers for the Fire Department, see the attached letter from the Southborough Fire Department.

Updated (7/12/13 11:10 am): Captain Hubley of the Southborough Fire Department asked me to share the above linked letter with the public.


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