Casting about for a play

Above: Since, community theater has gone dark in Southborough, we need to look beyond our borders. (Photo from Flickr by daskerst)

In updating the Southborough Event Calendar, I noticed something missing. We have concerts, adult classes, and kids programs. We don’t have community theater.

I thought to myself, “Whatever happened to the Southborough Players?”

The most recent mention I could find was the article Susan posted in 2009. At that time, they put a production on hold temporarily for financial reasons. Sadly, I guess it wasn’t temporary after all.

During the school year, the schools help to fill the gap. In the meantime, it seems we have to look beyond our borders for theater.

So, for community/family theater, I’m making an exception to the “Southborough” Events Calendar. I’m adding plays performed in nearby towns.

My research only pulled up five area plays for the remainder of summer:

If you know of other plays in the immediate vicinity, please share the information.

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Kay Hendrick
10 years ago

There is also The Merchant of Venice at the Vokes theater in Wayland. I’m going next week!

10 years ago

Beth: Talk to my husband Rick about Southborough Players. He was the last president running and was the one to close shop, to say. Good reasons. He was in the Players when I met him 31 years ago and Tania (who owns Skyrise Childrens Theater with her husband) pretty much grew up on stage with them.

Carole S.

susan p
10 years ago

Also the Dining Room at Amazing Things Art Center in Framingham.

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