Favorite Places: Weather sites

Okay, I admit that calling a website a favorite “place” is a stretch.

Maybe I’ve been spending too much time online this summer. But it’s hard to get outside in this weather. This week, it’s the unbearable heat wave.

In previous weeks I was irked either by the constant threat of thunderstorms or the storms that took me by surprise.

Which leads me to my point. I like to know what the weather is going to be – in an hour, two hours, tomorrow, and next week. But my favorite websites and apps have been letting me down.

As for the news, they seem to focus on Boston (or the Cape in the summer).

So my question to fellow residents –

What is your most reliable source for Southborough weather?

Who gets it right? Is it an app, website, channel, radio station? Share your favorite “place”.

(Above photo from Flickr by Andrea Sandorfi)

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9 years ago

I like http://www.weather.com/ . Just type in the zipcode, Southborough, MA, or whatever town you want.

9 years ago

They are probably all good. I use Weather Underground http://www.wunderground.com/ and WeatherBug http://www.weatherbug.com/
In each of these, you can change the local station reportingand in wunderground, you can see astronomy.

Tom Marcoulier
9 years ago

If memory serves me right, isn’t there a weather station at he Finn School. Is this still accessible via the Internet?

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