Southborough Summer Nights this Saturday: All you need to know (Updated)

Above: The annual Southborough Summer Nights is full of free and fun activities for the family.
(Photo by Susan Fitzgerald)

Updated 8/22/13, 9:25 pm –  Pick-up and drop-off restrictions have been added

10th Annual Southborough Summer Nights is this Saturday, August 24 from 5:00 pm to Dusk. I don’t know about yours, but my family can’t wait.

In past years, Susan has taken beautiful pictures capturing the event. Unfortunately for all of you, I’m not the photographer Susan is. I will take photos, but I’d love to get your shots, too.

Please e-mail me your favorite pics to by Monday. I plan to post a gallery on Tuesday of some of the best images to share with everyone.

The layout has changed a little this year, and there are some new activities.

Here is the information you need.

Event Map – Click to Enlarge



  • Designated site for drop-off and pick-up is Lundbald Field (South of the Neary School driveway)
  • Following the fireworks display – no vehicles will be allowed to enter Neary or Trottier until all parked vehicles have exited the site.


  • Neary School parking lot off Parkerville Road (to exit – right turn only onto Parkerville)
  • Trottier School parking lot off Deerfoot Road
  • Parkerville Road – West Side only
  • Trottier School parking lot off Deerfoot Road
  • Deerfoot Road (one side only, and no parking about 20 yards from entrance and exit to Trottier)

5:00 to 8:00 pm – Free activities.
This year, the inflatables and most activities will take place on the back field. Activities include:

  • Pony rides
  • Moonwalks & Obstacle Courses for younger and older children
  • Fire Department Bubble Romp
  • Baseball Pitch
  • Basketball Shoot Out
  • Photo Booth
  • Rolling Video Arcade
  • Professional Face Painting (in the vendor booth area)

6:00 to 8:00 pmMusic by Better Her Than Me

  • Performing dance music from 60’s to the present
  • Set up near the tennis courts, by the picnic area

6:30 pm – Magician

Dusk – Fireworks:
This year they will be set off from Trottier, to allow more room for the activities on Neary fields

  • Sponsored by Capital Group Properties and Friends of Southborough Recreation
  • Provided by Atlas Pyro Vision Productions, Inc.

Food and Refreshments:

  • Pizza – Domino’s
  • Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Fried Dough & Cotton Candy – Dean’s Concessions
  • Sandwiches – Quizno’s
  • Ice Cream – The Creamery – Trombetta’s
  • Brownies – Yummy Mummy

Additional Amenities:

  • Raffle sales
  • Information Booth/Lost and Found
  • First Aid

Booth Vendors:

  • Bluesky Well-Being
  • Boy Scout Troop 1
  • Children’s Music Academy
  • The Children’s Workshop
  • Coldwell Banker-Ann Atamian
  • Fay School
  • In Bloom Music
  • Kassalty Novelties
  • Meininger Family Chiropractic
  • Middlesex Savings Bank
  • Rhythm Dance Company
  • Silpada Jewelry
  • Southborough Belted Cows
  • Southborough Rotary Club

Summer Nights Event Sponsors – Thank you for helping Southborough put on this fantasic annual event!

  • Capital Group Properties
  • St. Mary’s Credit Union
  • Brendon Homes
  • Friends of Southborough Recreation
  • Southborough Recreation
  • Atlas Pyro Vision Fireworks
  • Eagle Leasing
  • Ken’s Foods
  • Southborough Kindergroup
  • Fay School
  • Southborough House of Pizza
  • Marlborough Savings Bank
  • New England Center for Children
  • Senator Jamie Eldridge
  • Representative Carolyn Dykema
  • Long Automotive Group
  • Middlesex Savings Bank
  • Rhythm Dance Company
  • Phaneuf Concrete, Cutting & Breaking
  • Wee Care for Little People
  • Tomasso Trattoria
  • Volvo Construction Equipment
  • Thrive Coaching & Consulting Group
  • Sheri Beran Design
  • Fit Studio 28

More thanks! Local Businesses and Friends who are contributing to this event:

  • Southborough Selectmen
  • Southborough Fire Department
  • Southborough Police Department
  • Southborough Recreation Department
  • Southborough Department of Public Works
  • Volunteers
  • Neighbors of the Neary School
  • Southborough Schools Department
  • Southborough Emergency Management Team
  • Quikprint Services, LTD.
  • C.E.R.T.

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10 years ago

wow so depressing the fireworks were behind the tree not even visible this was the worst I ever seen wait I didn’t see them.
Other than that it was fun up til then .
Nice plan on the works

Lisa H
10 years ago

My family and friends had a wonderful time. I really appreciate all the hard work so many volunteers put into this wonderful night. It is a great way to end the summer.

10 years ago

Such a great event – I wish, though, it was somehow made clear that people would not be able to see the fireworks from their usual spots. We were near the tennis courts and the display was behind the trees. It was craziness in the dark as everyone rushed to get a better view. Next year, we’ll know!

10 years ago

Fireworks were a waste of money…got the feeling security was more important than fun.

Lots fireworks behind trees and people on the bottom of a hill was just strange idea.

10 years ago


I didn’t stay for the fireworks but when my husband came home with our two sons he said the exact same thing that you did, they were the worst he has ever seen because they were blocked by the trees. I hope the coordinators of the event are able to handle a little criticism.

This was my third year as a volunteer there and I thought the bouncy houses were too far away…. Apparently that is why they moved the fireworks, to make room for the bouncy houses.

Sboro Mom
10 years ago

It was made known that the fireworks would be set off from Trottier but one would have assumed that they would still be able to be seen clearly from Neary. I think there are other places they could have placed the bouncy house/magic show so that the fireworks could be set off where they used to be. That was the beauty of the Southborough Summer Night fireworks – clear sight of everything. If something doesn’t change for next year, I will have a hard time convicing my family that it is worth it to go.

10 years ago

Really people? Come on, get over it! They are fireworks,.. not that big of a deal. Obviously this was a mistake and it was not intentional. A ton of work goes into this event so the whole town can have a fun night out – all done by volunteers. It amazes me how some people can just complain about everything.

Personally I want to thank everyone who did all that work for doing an awesome job! Summer nights and the Gobble Wobble are awesome town events that my family and I enjoy every year.

Good grief!
10 years ago
Reply to  Djd66

Djd66, we have disagreed in the past but we agree on this one. I made essentially the same comment regarding the idiotic kerfluffle over the placement of Transfer Station stickers. First World problems indeed.

It seems to me that serving the public in this Town must get extremely discouraging at times. I find remarkable the sense of over-entitlement and knee-jerk propensity to whine about just about anything. I hope that it’s just a vocal minority. But we probably shouldn’t wonder why candidates don’t line up for elected offices, or that there are so many vacancies on volunteer Boards and Committees. My opinion only of course.

10 years ago

Our families loved the fireworks.
Terrific job, fine location. Looking forward to it again next year!

SBoro parent
10 years ago

Summer Nights is a fun idea, but the fireworks especially seem pretty extravagant. That money could be well used for some other needy causes, in town or out.

10 years ago

Djd66, You are so very right. It is not just that people disagree, but it is done is such an angry and demeaning manner. I don’t know how anyone can do the job of the BOS. We need to step back from time to time and express our thanks.

10 years ago

Comments like the one that started “Really people?” really turn me off to being engaged on websites like this one.

Although I have been a volunteer for Summer Nights for 3 years, and have run the Thanksgiving Day 5K, and I also volunteer for the town in other respects, the fact remains that for very many people, the fireworks were a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT. Period. My husband WAITED TO WATCH THE FIREWORKS WITH OUR 2 YOUNG BOYS, and they indeed were blocked by the trees. It is what it is….

Can the issue be addressed, apparently. So let’s all hope that the organizers of the fireworks get out their protractors and figure things out!

Will we go back next year? Probably. Will my husband look forward to and wait around for the fireworks with our sons, I don’t know.

Cheers All.

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