Call for Art: SOLF invites Southborough to celebrate with “Art on the Trails”

Above: Maybe SOLF’s celebration will inspire some cute fairy houses like this one.
(Photo from Flickr by Steven Depolo)

Southborough Open Land Foundation has put out a notice calling for outdoor “Art on the Trails”. As part of the 25 year celebration, they are looking for installation art that will create “interesting visual surprises along the trail.”

It sounds like great source of inspiration both for local artists and for any resident or family who would enjoy getting a little creative.

The art should celebrate nature and its natural environment. Suggestions include free standing sculpture, mobiles, tree wraps, and paintings. Art must leave no permanent trace to the environment and be installed without harm surrounding trees or vegetation.

Participants can choose a spot anywhere within 10 feet of Beals Preserve walking trails. The spot must be selected and registered by September 10th. The art will be installed by September 14th, for the celebration taking place the next day.

After the celebration, artists will need to remove their installations by September 31st. Installations should be resilient enough to stand up to the weather for the interim period.

If you are creative, or know someone who is, you can check out the full details here.

I personally can’t wait to see what people come up with.

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