Welcoming new students: Foreign exchange program opportunities

Above: Letting a foreign exchange student into your family can broaden all of your cultural horizons (Photo from ICES website)

If you don’t have any school aged children, maybe all my posts about “back to school” are making you feel left out. You don’t have to be.

There are Algonquin students this year still looking for a family. A “host family” that is.

International Cultural Exchange Services is seeking hosts for foreign exchange students this fall.

Hosting is an amazing experience for everyone involved. You have the opportunity to learn about another culture, participate in citizen diplomacy by sharing with a student what American life is like, and form a lifelong bond with someone from another county, often providing travel opportunities for all involved. The exchange student gets an opportunity to study in America (something that most of the have dreamed about for years!) and share their culture with us. The benefits are endless when you open your heart and home to welcome a new son or daughter into your family!

The students are ages 15-18 from countries in Europe, Latin America and Asia. They tend to excel in the US both academically and socially and are excellent role models for others. A student might have a common interest, musical talent, or athletic abilities as someone in your family and you get to choose your own student! Students have their own health insurance and are responsible for their own expenses such as school lunches, sports fees, clothes, cellphone and travel. We are simply asking you to provide them with a place to study, a bed, and meals. I will be providing support throughout the whole year.

If you are interested in learning more, visit their website at www.icesusa.org. Or contact Kati Kulesza at 978-795-4237 or kati.kulesza.ices@gmail.com.

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